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W v W Rivalry Saga: Choppah Down

I never drank the punch.

After winning a championship in football and wrestling back to back, I didn’t believe there was anything I couldn’t do.

When the upperclassmen took the field for my first Varisty Football Game, I was filled with anxiety (at 13 years old) waiting to get in the game. Foolishly so, I start getting mad at not receiving playing time. Really… I just don’t like to lose. We were getting blown out…

It’s the 4th quarter and at this point; there is no comeback to be had. The coach fucked around and subbed me in at Safety. I feel like he thought it wouldn’t matter. It’s the end of the game and people are starting to give up.

I’m glad he fucked around and put me in the game, because he fucked around and found out his player had a new ability unlocked.

They ran a toss play. I’m already 15-20 yards off the line of scrimmage. I’m the last line of defense. I’m very aware of this at the time. I also don’t like to lose.

This running back isn’t really having to break many tackles. Just running through the greenery like a fox. I don’t think he saw the lion in Sheep’s clothing in my eyes…

I had to go full Antares.

*Helicopter Toss Activated*

I track him down the sidelines to take away his elusive options.

I slow down to stay a step behind, just out of his field of vision as he sprints for the end-zone.

I grab both of his shoulder pads and transform into a helicopter rotor mast.

The opp was the rotor blade.

My team’s sidelines was the crash landing site.

It’ll be a long four years for us both…

1st Varsity Body Secured.

Bonus Points: Real moral victory in a blowout loss.


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