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A true artist in their purest form is multi-media in nature of expression.

Creative energy is much like any other energy. It cannot be created nor destroyed. It can, simply, be passed from one object to the next. With potential energy rising, it's time to get kinetic.

A Vibe Jockey from the future. 

In this dimension of the future, NASA has expanded and now controls the country due to alien Invasion. Everyone is obligated to learn various sciences and become a deputy astronaut. In this future, the answers to our societal problems are commonplace, as well as hip hop culture. 

I, Native Zim, am here to give these answers to the public to help out your society. Essentially, I just go around the timeline dropping knowledge on society’s. 

Here I am with you.

On this site, you will see various expressions of that energy passing from one to the next. Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, Oil Paintings, Podcast, Music, and more from Native Zim/Kinte Shakir/Branden J Johnson. When you don't limit your potential energy, possibilities are endless when it turns kinetic.