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Freeze Frame Kobe Meme 4


Junior Year US



Football Practice Field

*The field’s gradient centers burnt sienna clay/dirt in the middle and fades to mostly green grass*

*Every step from each cleat ripping up the grass from that Good Ole Georgia Red Clay*

*Hustle and bustle of testosterone filled helmets and shoulder pads colliding*

The scout defense never gives me a real look in practice, just fear filled movements.

We run a screen play to give me the ball in space…

I guess it worked too well…

I didn’t see many scout defenders around, so I take it easy on this play

An old white man from Texas trying to make his son the starting QB on a random GA 1A private school team & be the US History Teacher: “JOHNSON! Ain’t you black?! Why aren’t you running faster?! Black People run faster than that. You’re running like molasses through a screen door!”

I stop and look at him, puzzled…

perplexed even.

Did he really just try to motivate me with racism?

I look at the rest of the team and coaches.

Everyone is dead silent…

I guess nobody has my back here… but me.

*commences plan to evacuate and return to public school*

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