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"I broke into my subconscious mind and changed the locks. Ogëē originally set the locks, and I, Branden Jason Johnson, hacked the portal. Ogëē has only showed himself to me on one occasion, in my darkest hour, however, he is back. I don't know how much longer I have. This is my Final Act. This is my Senior Thesis. It is well with my soul. I am a grown man now."

- Branden Jason Johnson

With the above mentioned, I am holding the endgame of Branden's art "Concepts of Consciousness" hostage from the African-American culture (due to neglect of the chosen artist), until I am freed from the bondage of Funding Deficiency and receive the compensation listed below:

  • $100,000,000.00 USD discretionary funding for Native Zim via CashApp sent to $NativeZim.

  • (1) Performance Art Exhibition in the MGM Grand Garden Arena