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Current Events: Racial Bias

So sometimes when I’m doing deliveries all day, I gotta take a shit. Im not always by the apartment, so I gotta be resourceful. Fortunately, I live in Las Vegas. Casinos, typically, have the cleanest public restrooms; even though sometimes they haven’t gotten to a mess yet.

So I’m in my car like… damn… I gotta take a shit.

I pull over to the Santa Fe Station Casino to use their restrooms. I occasionally stop by a casino or two in my free time, so I’m no stranger. I definitely gotta poop though, so I poop.

But before I poop, I walk through the parking garage to the elevator. A nice African-American fellow held the elevator for me. He also held the elevator for some white people coming behind me, but I guessed they decided two people was too much to already be in the elevator… and I guess it was just a coincidence that the two people were African-American males… but they went on ahead and elected to not take the crowded elevator of two African-American Males…

So as the elevator hit the next floor I said through the silence “So, I guess there was too many black people on the elevator for them (to get on too).”

*Both laugh with ancestral cheer as the elevator doors open to the casino*

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