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The World Finds The Key

Branden J Johnson switches keys from football to fine art and drives an old ambition into the new Post-Pandemic Art World. Previously found to be the key to success on the football field for The Walker School in Marietta, GA; Branden reignites an old vehicle to continue an art journey, once parallel to his football journey (cut short by ACL Reconstruction Surgery). Pulling from his transformative football experiences, Branden shows the world the key to success: putting your passion for reaching your goals over your fear of failing to reach them.

“Often, we overestimate what is necessary to be successful. Our minds like to make mountains out of molehills to save us from the pain of regret when failing to reach our goals on the other side of the mountain… We have all of the tools for more success at our disposal. We just have to believe it… In such a rare time in human history, it is natural to have to catch up to information in a society constantly in flux; however, when we put our passion for success over our fear of failure, we see that information and work ethic is all we needed.”

  • Branden J Johnson

An inspiration to those who seek information, Branden continues his Contemporary Art Career in his eGallery on Currently holding his art hostage from the world due to a funding deficiency stemming from a lack of support of the chosen artist, Branden plans to use procured funding to provide Fine Art & Commercial Careers; Native Zim Media Company, Lake Parc Transport LLC, and the Native Zim Creative Conglomerate.

According to the chosen artist, the aforementioned business entities will serve as platforms for artistic communal expression & creative representation, commercial transportation of people & supplies, and a corporate structure which handles investments and business ventures which financially sustain the Media Company and it’s creatives.

Art and Commerce can be one after all.

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