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Legacies Destroyed By Gentrification: Let’s Go To Grandma Lill’s House (A “Before Times” Snippet)

MidSummer Heat4am12th StreetLittle Rock, ArkansasCoin De La Rue Douzième à travers du “endroit où l’on peut se procurer du crack”Corner HouseBed

*Fan whirrs in the dim amber streetlight refraction shining through the window onto the red-lit alarm clock, in an otherwise dark room*

*Every toss & turn creeks the decades old headboard*


*Crackheads yelling, arguing in an incoherent stream of foreign consciousness; heard through the decades old window*


“Here we go again…”

I look at the red-lit alarm clock…

This time: *04:02am*

“Man… they still goin at it 😒”


“Womp, Womp-Womp, Womp Womp.”

“Womp Womp-Womp Womp Womp, Womp Womp Womp-Womp-Womp.”

… it goes on. But I tried to not remember what was said on purpose.


I remember periodically waking up to this same occurrence every night. Not necessarily at the same time, but always in the same way.

It’s almost like they were stuck in a scene of a movie that kept rewinding every night.

While they were stuck in repetitive cycles, I was counting the days until the journey back home.

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