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The Times of Contemporary Art have transitioned to The Times of Post-Pandemic Art

Though the concept of the phrase "Contemporary Art" implies a cyclical foreverness state of present mindedness, the Earth finds itself in a new state of being; Post-Pandemic.

Buried under the sediment of our own anxiously quarantined pathologies surrounding social interactions during a time where such things were metaphorically, physically, and scientifically toxic; we find ourselves at a global pivot point:

Come together again or forever live in a quarantined segregation of soul connections.

The trail to unity blazed by the public outcries for truth & justice, during The Global George Floyd Protests; we see the dimensions of various cultures around the Earth finally seeing each other.

The viel has been lifted.

We are all one people.

The above understanding is the only way the human race can survive the environmental and social catastrophes of these Post-Pandemic Times.

Passion Over Fear is the only way.

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