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Jumbotron Shit Poppin’

2010 | 2nd to last GameWeek of the season | Film Session

“He likes to go low and dive at your knees so be careful… I also heard he likes to talk.”


I always hated the players who talked shit.

I always thought just play the game and go

I always saw shit talk as weak on the football field.

An effort to escape the fate of the Perfectly Inelastic Collision.

My play spoke for itself.

2010 | Gameday | Friday Night Lights

“Oh that was just some lucky shit 4-4! I know you ain’t about to do that again! Blah Blah Blah”

I turn to see who said it and silently walk away

It seemed as though #1 wasn’t convinced of the reality of the silent freight train.

Every dog has its day… but the sun doesn’t exist under the Friday Night Lights.

So that shit doesn’t matter…

He is going to have to see me in this dark night under the lights.

I see him coming through the hole in the blocking to try to stop the silent freight train’s forward progression.

What a mistake.

I already knew what he was about to do.

He didn’t even try to fake it.

He dives.

I bring my left knee forward; matching his momentum with the power of my stride.

The collision froze #1.

The first time I saw him not respond.

With the ball in my right hand.

His helmet in my left.

I push his body into the dirt.

A place where he laid to rest for the rest of the play.

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