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Perfectly Inelastic Collision

2010 | Senior Year | Football (V)endetta | Home Game

I didn’t forget…

Who would have thought a player at a school named Gordon Lee HS would call me a nigger after tackling me on a run play my Junior Year.

He is lucky it was an away game for me.

Next season they’ll be in my house.

When next season came, I was ready

We go 4-6 every year, so I’m more worried about revenge than the win.

Mid-Season | Gameday | Friday Night Lights

After meditating in a rolled up gym mat, I approached the field focused.

Waiting for my play to be called; play by play goes by.

I notice their Outside Linebacker and Safety are both numbered 1 & 2.

Easy to identify.

“Bull Right”

It’s time.

OLB #1 “Damn 4-4… You do hit hard.”

I chuckle under my breath as we walk past each other…

A silent freight train.

An anticipated Perfectly Inelastic Collision you don’t see coming.

I don't need to speak.

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