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50 Cents of Inspiration

Circa 2007, A glimpse of culture; inspirational to me as a kid.

I was never satisfied with suburbia.

I’m not saying there is anything uniquely wrong with the suburbs.

I just always wanted to be the best.

I saw cribs like 50 Cent’s as trophies of that acknowledgement.

Perpetual acknowledgment of manifesting the non-inverse relationships between hard work, thoughtful planning, and persistence; a ‘oneness’ of foundational conscious principles.

This oneness created the drive to acquire the resources to attain an ability to provide a diverse array of lifestyle choices.

But when reaching for the stars, its tough to be prepared for the coldness of space.

The glimmer is alluring

However I had to adapt an astronaut suit to stay safe

On my Quantum Leap Journey through outer space.


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