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Stars Aligning For Good

Updated: May 17, 2023

I was avoiding this eventuality.

I didn’t want you to see the trauma after I saw it again.

I made the logo before I noticed why the stars were aligned the way they were. In my mind, I was just dotting the eyes (I’s) with stars, because it was a cool concept. At first, I didn’t realize what my subconscious mind was even speaking into existence.

I didn’t want you to see this.

I felt like it would ruin the logo forever.

“Why would someone want to wear my trauma?”

“People don’t even care anyways…”

“Maybe… maybe I should just let it go.”

However unfortunate this reveal may be, I still hold on to the faith in the African-American Community that was instilled in me throughout my childhood.

I believe we can get through this traumatic photo and still believe in the logo.

The stars ended up aligning with the picture of the 18-wheeler from my rollover accident.

Something that wasn't planned.

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