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What The Fuck Is A Moral Victory; Between The 4 Lines?

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

*Buzzer Sounds*



Them - A Lot Us - Not Enough

*Takes a knee for the team Kumbaya after the game is over*

Coach, singing the same ole song: “I know we didn’t do our best tonight. We could have coached a lot better than we did. That’s on us. We learned a lot about the team and what we need to work on going forward… Now everybody bring it in… Wolverines on 3…”

Blah Blah Blah.

Womp Womp Womp.

I want to go home now.

Team: “… Wolverines!”

*Walks from the football field straight to the locker room*

I can’t believe we just lost that game…

I bet we gonna go 4-6 again…

I wonder how North Cobb did today…

Probably better than us…

¡DAMN! I wish I was at North Cobb.

These mf talkin bout moral victories here…

Nigga… I’m tryna win… fuck a moral victory…

*Enters Locker Room visibly frustrated and ignoring everybody*

Damn… it smell like a swamp in here..

*Enters Senior Pit, silently takes off shoulder pads and flips shoulder pads upside down and puts them on top of locker*

Teammate: “Anybody on COD (Call Of Duty) tonight?”

We just lost to our school rivals in the first ever football game we play them, and these mf talkin bout Call Of Duty… maybe we should be talking about what we could have done better… oh right… they lookin for moral victories… not real ones…

*Puts on clothes and proceeds to walk out of locker room*

*Gets to the door and see a bunch of loving parents waiting to greet losers with love on the other side of the door*

*Begrudgingly opens the door*

A parent of a team member: “Wow! Branden! You did such a great job tonight!”

*Stares confusingly*

Me: *fake smile* “Uhhh thanks…”

Another parent: “Branden! You ran like a wild bull tonight.”

*ignores that and walks past*

Another parent: “You did so great!”

Me: *another fake smile* “Thanks…”

*Makes it through the small crowd and walks with a slight limp by myself to the parking lot after being in the equivalent of 100 car accidents in 2 hours*

… Back to the lab again…


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