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👽 A R T Curation Secret Formula 🛸

Updated: May 19

*Imagery inspired and created by creators of Spongebob Squarepants.*

For many moons around the sun, I have noticed that potential patrons are not sure how to curate art inside of creative spaces. Fortunately, I have a secret formula for anyone to gain the ability to curate art instead of giving simple compliments or bullying the artist with pure negativity.

Before we get to the secret formuoli, we must first understand who owns a creative space and a few more points:

1) The audience does not own the creative space. The artist either rents or owns a creative space to execute an exhibition. The audience is present to add to the life of the creative space, network with each other, and bask in the ambience of legendary artistry; however, the creative space can and does still exist without the audience. There is a boundary of freedom necessary, betweenkst (I know it's not a real word... just have some fun with it) the artist and audience, for artistic pride, universal growth, and conceptual clarity. There is a totalitarian piece necessary to protect consistency in aesthetic and concept; however, the abundance of Native Zim is not indicative of a power over audience participation. With the former mentioned, there are rules to engagement with anything in the multiverse.

2) The benefit of my exhibitions existing on Internet Real Estate; it exists perpetually. It exists in every mobile device and every computer. The existence is powered by the will-power of each audience member to seek it.

3) The spectacle has already been created for the audience. The perpetual existence on Commercial Internet Real Estate brings 24/7 access to global viewership, along with the simultaneous ability to gain global financial support in a multitude of dimensions.

4) The urgency and imperative nature is due to the sensitivity of sharing information. I create a memorable spectacle, awe-inspiring art, and humanity-inspiring concepts to ensure the audience member becoming a patron can remember and translate their experience to the ones in their lives who come across it in the patron's choice of exhibiting the artwork. The intensity of the conversation creates the long-lasting deposit in the memory bank necessary for an accurate transfer of consciousness when conversing about the A R T.

Now for the secret formuoli

*The Above Art Was Not Created By Native Zim nor Affiliates*

Base A R T Curation Critique = "Compliment" Top Bun + "What Does Work: Colors" Veggies + "Improvements" Meat & Cheese + "How The Concept Applies To You" Condiments + "Compliment" Bottom Bun

Please do not give me an incomplete sandwich and expect me to have a 100% positive response. I am perpetually hungry. I will try to be nice tho.

Complete "Base A R T Curation Critique"

Incomplete "Base A R T Curation Critique"

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