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Synapse Connections, Energy Connections, or Both? 🛸

Maybe Medusa couldn't turn men to stone through eye beams...

But those Beauty Beams can damn sure make ya boi freeze up.


So as we see here huma- ... Zim's... draw connection in the stars from the perceived connection between us; the light from the sun reflecting through the glimmer in our eyes, from person to person. A cycle of energy that enhances the tone of physical communication.


Catching that reflection of light in the eye is the overall goal of my Wildlife Photography.

It's the game inside the game.

I am particularly proud of this Wildlife Photography Puzzle.

Even while being on the wrong side of the light reflecting off the deer, in the precise moment I was ready to take the picture; the deer looks up and at me. The deer moved in a way that put its eye in the middle of a beam of light. Fortunate enough to capture the moment, I was able to bring that beam of light reflecting from the eye to the camera to the picture to the above puzzle.

In Wildlife Photography, the above is how you capture the vibe.


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