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Out With UFO In With IFO🛸

Updated: May 15, 2023

Ok so maybe we misunderstood the whole meaning behind "UFO." We just kept seeing these "white" people using this word to identify our mechanical failures. Then we noticed these "black" people using spaceships in their native chants, Scotty, to identify their best transportation vessels. On the concept identifiers like the one on Mista Don't Play: Everythangs Workin chant collection, we can see the modern hieroglyphics detailing the fulfilling of the prophecy. Even newer Chant Leaders are embracing our kind in their art like Larry June. I think the time is near.

I can acknowledge how worrisome it may be to be dealing with an unidentifiable object flying around in your air space. I can assure you we mean no harm. We noticed a heightened energy field surrounding the planet Earth and decided to conduct some studies on the sudden change in Universal Elevation Status. We noticed the technological advancements Earth has made, and the amount of time it took is extraordinary. Unfortunately, we had some hang ups on identifying our flying objects. We noticed an incredible imbalance of power in the society of USA, due to police brutality/misconduct. We did not feel safe giving away "the sauce 😏" to a society that was already mismanaging the sauce they had. Consequently, a historical rise in police brutality/misconduct in 2022 has us questioning the health & safety of the USA, even further.

Given our inability to give away the sauce, we do acknowledge the need for knowledge. On the Native Zim Instagram, a trail is left to show the way to true enlightenment. The path, we believe, is the only way to elevate your consciousness to stop global health & safety issues: homelessness, poverty, food insecurity, ect. A path persistent through self-doubt. A path full of positive growth. A journey forward. An awakening in the heaven you create.

When climbing a mountain, one must remember: the first step, just as important as the last step; and every other step in between. Consider your missteps, but don't let them park your drive.



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