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“Oh… He’s just a Street Hooper…”

Winter 2006 | 8th Grade | Pre-Wrestling Proposition | Post Football Championship | Basketball Tryouts

The timing of the end of the Football Season normally ran into Basketball tryouts.

Im already nervous. I know I missed a lot just by winning a football championship. Im probably too late to fit in to their plans…

Fuck it. I’ll just give it a go.

Trying to blend in, I just go through the drills like everyone else.

I sensed the jealousy in the air during school after the championship. I knew I didn’t have any dog in the fight on the basketball team other than the dog inside of me.

*Enters Locker Room*

All you can do is your best

Trying to reaffirm myself of the abilities I have while trying to taper expectations, due to absence.

I leave the Locker Room and enter the court hoping for the best, as I see a black assistant coach.

Stretches go as planned.

Drills start off great.

The Three Man Weave starts.

This concept isn’t foreign to me. This isn’t my first rodeo, but maybe I was too confident.

On my second pass, I throw it behind the back. The other player wasn’t ready for that, so the pass missed the mark.

“Oh… He is just a street hooper…” says the black assistant head coach…

Just when I thought I had a friend…

and no… I didn’t make the 8th Grade basketball team… yes… I never tried out again… don’t ask.

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