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Thus Far: My Art Journey

  • (2001) 3rd Grade - Arts & Craft: Malcolm X Tri-Fold Board Presentation

  • (2010-2011) AP Studio Art/Upper School Art Exhibition: Multiple Mixed Medium Sculptures giving social/political commentary

  • (2011-2015) College - Design Major/Theater Minor: Reject The Status Quo Exhibition/“Intervention” Director

  • (2016) Professional Practice: For The Love of Art Group Exhibition at the Paragon 7 Art Gallery & Studio

  • (2023) Professional Execution: Passion Over Fear Exhibition on’s eArt-Gallery

  • (2024) Professional Execution: Freeze Frame Kobe Meme Exhibition on's eArt-Gallery.

Whenever I felt cornered, I always turned to expression; in whatever way possible.

I never believed it was wrong to express myself in art.

It always felt like the battleground of the minds ~a non-violent space to express my perspective and feelings.

It hasn’t always been an easy process.

It has become easier.

Regardless of level of difficulty, art always spoke to me in ways I couldn’t describe.

I always felt the vibe.

I also felt the need to hide.

My consciousness felt safe between the borders of a page.

As I chipped away at the soapstone, I felt myself chipping away the castle walls I built to fortify my position in my own mind.

Walls so high

A moat so wide and deep

I couldn’t bridge the gap.

So in my own mind is where I stayed

On a canvas is where I played

Navigating social media, in a daze.

Mapping my course like a maze.

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