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Numbers are a Universal Language

Updated: May 17, 2023

A few episodes late, however, I think this episode is a pinnacle in Earn Your Leisure content. The flow of information reminds me of the finance edition of the 85 South Show. Another iconic African-American media company, however, this one is trapping finance and not humor. This post-Covid wave is producing some of the brightest, but could they turn out to be dazzling spheres?

Some progress from regression; I believe the above two media companies are among other shining spheres, and even more so as I report back.

To get back on track; for more information on finances, please visit the Earn Your Leisure website, as well as, watch the video.

For a more personal perspective; I believe they dropped tremendous gems in the above video. I learned so much about how paying your children can actually be a financial benefit for yourself and your child; if you are a business owner. This is something I am definitely adding to my plan for my future children's finances. The project-based learning of actively working on their own future finances with the safety net of a financially secure community around them, helps them grow into financial power, as opposed to starting with nothing and building something in a society with a decided financial advantage.

I believe we can teach our children to become media companies of their own. None of us should be paying for seats at an arena or even theater. I believe some comedy clubs should remain out of that mix for comedians to practice, however, the pressure of media can bring out the best in performers. As someone who has been in front of the camera, I have had some of my best moments improvising in that pressure. I have seen the 85 South Show grow a media company of their own from that pressure. Almost every industry has adopted the pressure of media, even if it is just social media. We are in a different time. We are called to elevate, not only our consciousness, but our actions.

My call to action:

- No matter, big or small, everyone should turn their social media into a media company via Groups, Forums, Blogs, eCommerce, Event RSVP, Bookings Portal, Subscription Plans, and more.

- I know I am using my media company that I created via to get some free seats as I report on the various sporting events in the future 👨🏾‍🚀. Sometimes; if you leverage knowledge, then you can get things for free or even be paid to be there.



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