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Foreign Exchanges

2006-2010 | 8th Grade - Junior Year | School

I didn’t have many language options…

German just wasn’t my swag.

Nobody spoke Latin, so why bother?

Spanish… I mean that’s a good idea, but everybody is taking Spanish. The class will probably be packed.

I did hear some fine girls was in French Class 👀

I mean shiidddd… why not take French?

I didn’t know there was a French exchange program, but that made it all the while.

Fast Forward -> Junior Year

I mean I definitely could use a vacation… France, here I come 👽

After a few days at the Westin Paris,  I was due for a change in scenery.

À la Gare de Lyon, my classmates and I wait for our train to Grasse to reunite with our exchange students from Fenelon Academy.

Mountainsides and Small Towns pass by as I wonder when we will finally get there after hours of sitting on a train.

When we arrive, our exchange students show us the ropes of their public transportation.

I remembered my exchange student, Remy, being wow’d at driving us to school when he was in America. They don’t have that luxury at our young age in France, so the bus and Remy’s parents taxi’d us around.

One destination seemed similar to Hogwarts.

The stone facade of the Academy opened up into a stone courtyard with a basketball court pit.

I’m sure you know exactly where I go first.

When I look down into the pit, I see some of the other international students hoopin already…

I took that personally…

I immediately ditch my classmates and beeline to the court.


*Hesi-Tween-Tween-Hesi-Drive-Right Lay*

*Back to the top of the key*

*Catches Pass*

*Hesi-Drive-Right Lay*

Too Easy


*Top Of Key*

*Double-Team Comes*

*Cross-Cross-Hesi-Behind Tween/Split Defenders-Drive-Reverse Right Lay*

I know it can’t be this easy…


*Top Of Key*

*Triple-Team Comes*

Aight bet

*Hesi-Cross-Hesi-Cross-Tween-Cross-Nutmeg Middle Defender-Slide Between Defenders/Track Ball-Drive-Right Lay*

“Ahh c’mon y’all. This too easy. Y’all got me looking like Allen Iverson out here.”

Spain International Student: “Are you professional in US?!”

“Hahaha nah.”

I look up as I begin to walk back.

The entire ring around the top the pit is filled with students watching me play.

This must be what the NBA feels like 😦

*School Bell Rings*

*Students vacate the pit and hurry to class*

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