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Black Friday

*I never consented to nor engaged in the following treatment and sexual harassment.*

I am a Christian man; once before, a Christian boy.

I was a faithful member of FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes).

I never had sexual relations with anyone in my high school.

At all.

I was there for educational and business purposes… strictly.

Now, did I joke around from time to time, yes; however, sexual jokes are not a part of my repertoire.

Considering the above, I have no idea why teammates thought it was appropriate to sexually harass me in the locker room.

I am heterosexual, strictly.

I understand, I am the best player on the football team.

That doesn’t mean I’m tryna fuck my teammates.

I see them on weird shit, so I am always in and out.

🚨Sexual Harassment Alert🚨

I hang my helmet in the locker.

I take off my shoulder pads and place them upside down on top of the locker to air out.

I take my shirt off to put on my school shirt.

I couldn’t wear the shirt under my football pads because it was drenched in sweat from top to bottom.

I quickly take off my football pants.

Leave my compression shorts on.

And just put my school pants right on over the compression shorts.

I hear a commotion behind me.

I guessed it was some “We act gay to show that we aren’t gay” bs, but you never know with these people…

I take a second to sit down in my locker to rest.

My body feels like it is falling a part.

I just need to rest for a minute.

To the left corner, there is someone butt ass naked…

-Not even interested in putting clothes on-

… With a sock on his dick, twirling it around like a sexual predator.

I try to look anywhere but his direction… and to my right…

A damn near Congo line of naked Why’te dudes slapping asses and pullin dicks n shit.

At this point, I don’t even give a fuck about being tired anymore.

I just silently walk out of the locker room and begin my traffic filled journey back home.

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