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A Hope 4 Change

Winter 2006 | 8th Grade | Pre-Wrestling Proposition | Post Football Championship | mid-Basketball Tryouts

I am the talented poor kid in a rich Republican college prep private school. Barack Obama just got elected for his first term. The Why’tes’ are internally irate. They start to berate without the debate… Alas… Internalized hate.

Random Student: “I bet your parents only voted for Obama because he is black!”

I always knew to keep pushing past adversity, so I let that one slide. If he was tryna roast me, then that shit was mid anyway. And I got bigger fish to fry.

*Stares confusingly in Black*

*Walks Away*

A black man is officially the 44th President of the United States!

There was a time between Obama getting elected and arriving to school.

In that time, I was at peace. I was inspired. I was proud.

Arriving to school afterwards, dampened my mood.

Fast Forward:

2007 | Freshman year | Varsity Football Training Camp | Pre-Helicopter Toss | Choosing Jersey Numbers in the storage closet

Head Varisty Coach: “Johnson… Johnson! Hold on a sec and come here… Don’t say anything, but when we started picking numbers I went ahead and saved this one for you…”

The Magic number 44.

That number always stood out to me. It seemed like a badge of honor as I watched old football highlights. Whoever wore 44 seemed to be the GameBreaker.

Could it be?

Is he~ is he trying to tell me something?

Maybe I do have what it takes…

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