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7 Carries | 97 Yards | 1 TD

Yes… that’s 13.86 yards/carry

Through 1 1/2 quarters of my senior night game.

Last game of the season and the homecoming game.

I get taken out on Offense midway through the second quarter.

But they leave me in on Defense…

I was mad… yeah.

This is my Senior Night…

I’m tryna put up 444 yards on these mf…

And they wanna take me out early?

Steady hatin on ya boy’s shine.

But, I digress…

Physical destruction in my wake.

I had to go all in.

I wasn’t going to be denied.

I’m too close to the end-zone to stop.

They did stop me on the one...

But that's where that 7th carry comes from.

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