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Seems Like The Run-Around Nature Of The System Of Our Own Government Is In The Way Of Police Reform

Topic of Today: The Black Caucus Putting Pressure On Police Reform. (Politico Article)

Aight so boom.

Biden and Kamala know, but they not really in the spaces nor are they permitted to be in the spaces necessary to influence change on the level we need, due to government regulations.

Ok Ok... I get it. We need to get more Congressional votes on our side of positive change to influence the type of police reform we want. Noted.


Honestly, I want them to stop using "I smelled marijuana" as probable cause to violate the rights of the citizens of the United States. Smelling marijuana is not reason enough to search someone's vehicle on the side of the highway, as if they are some drug kingpin. Fabricating inaccurate warnings about speeding to get close enough to smell the odor in the car to give "reasonable suspicion" to search the car in hopes of leading to a marijuana investigation, violates the rights of United States Citizens; but I digress.

In addition but more importantly, I send my energy to sources of power over the United States of America's political system; in hopes that they see, acknowledge, and reform the wrong-doings, rights-violations, and criminal violence in law enforcement. In order for the US Government to make this country safe for the world, at bare minimum, we have to ensure the healthy and safety of civilians from the power trip of holding the shield that can corrupt anyone (if not carefully conducting soul-searching rehabilitation from day-to-day interactions with the worst elements of our society).


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