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Juneteenth Should Be Called Harriet Tubman Day

Updated: May 17, 2023

When we think of freedom, we should first think of Harriet Tubman, then the constitution that ratifies the rights we claim to be freedoms for all. A true American Hero, owed flowers she’ll never receive. To give her credit, Juneteenth should be called Harriet Tubman Day. Understanding her story and remembering her heroic efforts should be celebrated nationwide, if The United States of America is truly remorseful of its atrocities. I further move to have Andrew Jackson replaced on the $20 bill, by Harriet Tubman, a topic for another post. This post will let you in on why Juneteenth should be called Harriet Tubman Day.

Though we know her for her leadership and bravery in the Underground Railroad, she was also an integral part of the Union defeating the Confederacy’s treasonous rebellion. Her experience in the logistics of traversing the terrain of the south proved instrumental in waging attacks against the Confederacy. According to, “During the Civil War, Harriet Tubman and other abolitionists worked with the Union Army to help slaves travel to the north… also volunteered to help the Union Army gather intelligence behind Confederate enemy lines. Dressed as a field hand, she led scouting and spying missions to identify and map the locations of Confederate mines, supply areas, and troops. Tubman delivered the information to Union Col. James Montgomery, commander of the 2nd South Carolina Volunteer Infantry, to support military operational planning. In June 1863, Harriet Tubman and Col. Montgomery led the raid at Combahee Ferry using her intelligence information to navigate around the Confederate mines placed in the Combahee river. The mission successfully rescued more than 700 slaves from the plantations along the river.” In this epic fight for freedom, Harriet Tubman also proved instrumental in medicine. Her knowledge of herbs and roots played a crucial role in healing and maintaining the Union Troops.

Now given the misogynist witch-hunt state this country has always been in, I figured it would be too much “like right” to give a BLACK WOMAN her credit in being the savior of not only many of her own people, but the whole country during the Civil War. The system of Patriarchy has failed to give this BLACK WOMAN her due honors of Juneteenth being called Harriet Tubman Day. So I’m gonna put the energy in the air myself.


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