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Final A R T "Hostage" Deal Negotiation Post

Updated: May 23

*'Superhero (Heroes & Villains) by Metro Boomin, Future, Chris Brown' plays at 21% volume in background*

Maybe I was misunderstood

Maybe I didn’t give enough information

Maybe it’s procrastination

Maybe you just need a mulligan

The temperature of a star determines the color.

The third pinned post on the Native Zim IG shows the color.

I even pinned that post to the top of the IG Posts pour référence.

Already, this is not the intellectual start to the process of building African-American Fine Art Spaces for which I originally hoped and planned, however, honestly… the US Education system is to blame at this point… but I digress.

As I revert, I, once again, humbly and respectfully request the African American Community to read the A R T “Hostage” Deal on and to carefully consider accepting the Deal. I believe it will be a gargantuan benefit to all of us.

In consequence to not accepting the deal, Native Zim stars will be lit forever, locking in ego, as the brand perpetually grows. This is the exit strategy. This is the escape plan. This is our Exodus.

So, I finally request, save Native Zim from ego by fulfilling the terms of the A R T “Hostage” Deal.

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