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Community Standards Banner.png is an Internet Home for all things Native Zim. The infrastructure of the website is creating community with those who enjoy internet content, as well as, creating opportunities for more influencers and artists to express their creativity on scalable platforms via their various forms of content creation. It is a founding belief that a shift in the conscious path is all that is necessary to form and sustain this community.


Below are the standards by which the above-mentioned community is to be held:

  • Anti-African-American rhetoric results in a ban.

  • White Supremacist rhetoric is not tolerated and results in a permanent profile ban.

  • Bullying results in a ban.

  • Influence operations (disinformation, terrorist content, coordinated inauthentic behavior, violent threats, and online harassment) result in a ban.

  • Claims/Reports of any form hate speech, bullying, or influence operation by members will be subject to self-explanation in the public Forum. 1st offense = 3 Day Ban, 2nd offense = 7 day Ban, 3rd offense = 30 Ban, 4th offense = Permanent Profile Ban

  • Memberships are for ages, 18+.

  • Native Zim is not liable for the views expressed by Free, Paid, or Non Members of

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