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Wearing The Hats # G O A L S

Updated: May 17, 2023

To me, a hat represents many things. However, the hat above represents many different hats I wear, so we can create many different avenues of self-expression, while simultaneously creating a cyber-space for creatives to exist, critique, and commune in a positive but objective, encouraging but realistic, and informed but inquisitive manner.

On my artistic journey, I wear the hat of the Multi-Media Art Creator. Along that journey, content creation became a driving force of the new wave of the internet. Consequently, I wear that hat too. I wear the hats of Video Content Director, Visual Art Director, Top Tier Internet Content Curator, Vibe Curator, Photographer, Painter, Designer, & Writer (It seems like a lot, but the hats are taken on and off depending on the day and project). With the proper balance, we can grow anything, shown through my agriculture content!

One of my goals has always been to create freely, but responsibly. At this phase in my career, another goal has grown to be creating spaces for other artists to do so, as well. That's why I created this website. I have noticed an online portfolio is the pathway to the future of art exhibitions. A future we are currently in. However, I believe these online portfolios should have spaces for members to critique and/or just vibe.

I plan to grow the art to include an exhibition on an Exodus out of the United States of America and back into West & Central Africa, what I believe to be the next chapter for many descendants of the enslaved prisoners of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. This art concept will include a franchise-able plan that can be executed by other descendants in any state. In my opinion, black people are not safe in the United States of America, until the country can get rid of White Supremacist Ideologies. Watching Akon's moves of lighting/providing electricity in small villages in Africa and creating Akon City in Senegal, watching celebrities like Ludacris get dual-citizenship in the US and Ghana, watching various black-owned media companies, and with more people beginning to explore their various African heritages; I believe it is time to grow the freedom of opening the world to our culture, intellect, and expressions, by opening ourselves up to gaining dual-citizenship status.

We are not property, so it is time we stop seeing ourselves as such. We can do business in safer countries. We can own property and real estate in safer countries. We can create this same content we create now, in safer countries. We can even work in safer countries. So let's. From my travels, I have felt safer in countries where people looked more like me.

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