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Trails To The House In The Wooded Mountains Of Early Morning Fog Series: Days After RTSQ Ex

2015 | Mid-May | Streets and Shopping Centers Around Campus | Post-RTSQ Exhibition

To be honest, I didn’t expect any smoke.

I did expect passive aggression.


Like a piece of candy.

I was physically built for a hot war.

I built my consciousness for a cold war.

My soul reincarnated for a spiritual war.

Maintaining focus, I attempt to create a plan to grow the ripple effect of my art concepts while working 30+ hours/week.

Even though I just unveiled a legendary exhibition, there was more work to do.

I get in the XTerra and head over to Hobby Lobby.

They needed their best canvas framer.

The mountain grew too high.

On my way to work, I noticed a choo choo train of busted ahh pickup trucks carrying Confederate Flags on the back of the bed; parked in shopping centers/parading through streets around campus.

When I saw the confederate flags…

I knew they were trying their best…


I was not impressed.


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