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The Universe... Edge or nah?

One of my favorite podcasts, StarTalk (Neil DeGrasse Tyson; American Astrophysicist, a well-known Astro-Pioneer and host of Cosmos and StarTalk/Chuck Nice, comedian co-host), features the brilliance of American Cosmologist, Janna Levin, expounding on her professional perspective: whether or not the universe is finite and/or multiple.

I think the concept of multiple dimensions is the dream of my imagination. The dream of my dreams. The fuel for my creativity. The best part about multiple dimensions, galaxies, and possibly even universes; the concept leads to and influences diversity. The vastness creates a sense of inclusion and exclusion, simultaneously, when the concepts of different universes/dimensions are linked to the concept of blackholes.

Concepts we can add to a virtual world, where our consciousnesses can have it's own eternal life after our bodies become one with the earth. A concept that passes down the blessing of perceived presence to your children's children's child, and so on. A concept that allows you to control the narrative of your own life. A concept that is the failsafe for the mortality-filtered sea of forgetfulness.

Before I really understood what has been above us, before "us" were even distantly-evolved from microorganisms, religion offered a good enough, at the time, explanation of what seemingly hovers above us. Then I started learning about science in school and questions arose in my mind. Religion is great for inspiration and a guided spiritual revival, but not as a scientific explanation of how the universe came to be/constantly evolves and expands.

We are on the edges of human intelligence, while exploring the universe, constantly pushing forward what we thought we knew as a human race. This is why the future of many industries are currently in the stars. Shiiiidddd... I might have to make another mission up there my damn self 😏👨🏾‍🚀


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