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The First Ogëē Game

Updated: May 6, 2023

Ya know… I have dealt with a lot of trauma, toil, and trouble in my life. At this point, it all came from so many sources I lost track of which, who, what, why, and how. Though I still bear the scars of the burden, my only solace has been the validation of winning. Losing makes me feel a fall into an abyss of which only hard work prepares me to get out.

It’s a build. It’s a momentum. It’s an energy.

My only fear is myself. Inside of that fear lays and waits multiple other fears stemming from the destruction that comes from the energy of rage. However, I learned, Me, I am the only one who can control the energy inside of myself, and it is imperative that I do, as well.

I learned to channel negative energy into art, but I had to create a plan to turn that negative energy into positive energy in both my art and myself in order to make the impact I wish to make on the world. Thankfully, I was able to rely on the vibrations of Funkadelic’s “Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts” orchestrated by an OGEE, George Clinton. In some of my darkest times, these Funkadelic Vibes assisted in remembering there is always enough positive in the world to bring neutrality to negativity. With the above mentioned, I announce the start of a game of admission into As you

may or may not know, there is a portal of admission into However, there is only Orion’s Belt in membership. In order to gain access to, you must answer one simple question:

  • Where did Native Zim go wrong?

Clues have been laid throughout Native Zim Social Medias over the past 10+ years. Responses must be submitted by email to to gain admission; one’s response must be approved by the Native Zim Photography Gaurdians, and one must “sign up” in the Membership Page of NativeZim.Com to submit a request to be a member of Awarded members will be gifted access to the community building features of the website. Select New Members; invited to join the Native Zim Astronomy Club/NZAC (MVPs if you will), given access to join the NZAC Private Group, and gifted a free Native Zim Merch Bundle.

*All Members are expected to abide by the Community Standards detailed in the “Community Standards” Page in the “Members” Page and Drop-Down Menu.*

**To be granted an auto-pass past the GATEKEEPING of the Native Zim Photography Gaurdians, one must forward valid email confirmation(s) of $1,000,000.00+ USD worth of Native Zim Merchandise from to; with your full name, mobile phone number, and preferred email address to validate, before the conclusion of the countdown on**

***All emailed responses to this post are kept private.***


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