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The Double-Slit Experiment


In the above video, Neil tackles the topic; however, I saw an IG Reel detailing how the Double Slit experiment proves we are living in a simulation, and I have some thoughts of my own. To the contrary; What The Double-Slit Experiment proves is light reflection and refraction.

As light refracts into our eyes and electronic detectors, it also reflects out/from our eyes and electronic detectors. This Phenomena can be understood in comparison to color theory; the color we see is the photons of the UV spectrum of light that are absorbed/refracted by whatever object we are observing from which the light is being reflecting; as the rest of the photons of the UV Light Spectrum are refracted into our eyes.

The above action can be the root cause of the phenomenon we are observing in the Double Slit Experiment. The reflected photons from our eyes or observation instrument passing through the non-reflected photons coming from the light source can cause a disruption in the observation of present light photons.

Without the reflected photons caused by observation; there is no disruption in unobserved photons.

Just as cameras have disrupted the natural order of our consciousness; our own observing eyes disrupt the natural order of energy reflected and refracted all around us.

Use Power Wisely.

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