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Spooky Season Storytime {Songs Of Zim}: Ghost of Mine (Verse 2)

2001-Infinity | Art | Native Zim

Creating always put me in a zone I couldn’t explain.

A zone where anything is possible.

A zone where a problem is one solution away from becoming a miracle.

A zone where I am all I need to succeed.

If only if only

My Art Opps cried

The power in me was

Greater than the power in he

All the validation you need:

Fuck a rhyme…

I will always be better than all of you, regardless of technique. All of the tools I need are already within me and have actualized themselves on For always and eternity! I can’t be stopped!! I won’t give i-

Branden: Sorry about that y’all… my lower-self got a little carried away. I mean he is better than y’all, but he didn’t have to act like an evil genius about it.

Branden: And he WILL NOT do it again. Do you understand?

Yes sir, Mr. Light. I just got a little carried away…

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