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Spooky Season Storytime {Songs Of Zim}: Ghost of Mine (Verse 1)

2006-2012 | Athletic Competition |Branden J Johnson

Creating a way to win always put me in a zone I couldn’t explain.

A zone where anything is possible.

A zone where a problem is one solution away from becoming a miracle; one mistake from becoming an obstacle.

A zone for me, but I need my team to succeed.

If only if only

My Football Opps cried

The power in me was

Greater than the power in he

Spread throughout the team

It’s a virus to me

How can I maintain my boundary

While emitting the light within me

A quandry for another eternity

In this time of humankind

My light is only contagious to those willing to accept its energy.

Conscious barriers are strong

This is why the world doesn’t get along.

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