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Spooky Season Storytime: Ghost Of Mine - Part 3

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

2013 | Autumn | Witcher’s Hour | Maryville College Campus

One step per square

It’s a game I play with myself to pass the time while walking on the sidewalk.

It helps increase walking speed, duration, and stride length.

A distraction that came to an abrupt end.

As I am walking, I start to pass the Dining Hall; a place I knew very well.

Even in darkness, I watch windows.

The reflection and refraction of light is easily perceived when the world on one side of the glass is dark and the other has light.

Being 3am-4am, the Dining Hall was closed.

Not even so much as a security light.

I get to the 3rd window pane…

A reflection of light I never seen before, but instantly knew what it was.

It was the ghost of my father in the window of the Dining Hall.

A Low Fidelity Outlined image of a picture of my father (which my mother would give me some years in the future) reflected in the window of the Pearson’s Dining Hall

I knew I saw a ghost.

I didn’t know at the time; the reflection was an omen of my own mind’s creation.

After staring into the computer for an unknown amount of time, the computer stared back into me.

It revealed me to me in a way I couldn’t deny.

In this moment (without regard for any joint sensitivities), I successfully clinch my butt cheeks together as I feel my bowels about to vacate.

In the next moment, I sprint directly to my shorty’s dorm as I am already halfway there.

The faster I run

The less I have to poop

The only equation I needed to understand in those moments.

Until I was home free with my shorty.


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