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Spooky Season Storytime: Ghost Of Mine - Part 2

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

2013 | Autumn | Witches’ Hour | Clayton Center For The Arts (Building B) | Graphic Design Lab

After the files have been emailed to myself, I click the power button on the back of the monitor.

Work is done.

It’s time to settle in for the night.

My phone buzzes

Her: “Hurry!!!!!! I miss you!!! 😩”

Me: "Aight, I'll be there in a minute."

She’ll be aight. I’ll see her in a few minutes.

I turn out of the design lab and the heavy door slams behind me…

I didn’t jump or nothing because I ain’t no bitch, but I may have hastened my walk a tad for a second.

Heavy steps echo throughout the staircase.

Security: "Another late one, huh?"

Me: "Yeeeaaahh, you know how it is sometimes."

As I pass security and reach the bottom of the stairs, I remember that I am going out the wrong way.

I’m not going back to my dorm.

I’m going back to my shorties dorm.

At the precipice of exiting the building, I have to turn around and walk down what seems to be a long dark hallway; shallowly lit by the green exit signs hardly illuminating the way.

I could just go around the building…

… naahhhhh, I can’t go out like that.

I begin to walk the exit sign chartered path through the darkness.

Caution in every step.

I turn left and another door shows a portal to the outside world.

As I cross the threshold into moonlit darkness, I feel a sense of relief.

The moon and streetlights now light my path.

I feel a slight sense of relief as I walk up the stairs to continue my journey to my shorty’s dorm.

As I walk, I don’t anticipate that sense of relief turning into a cataclysmic life event.

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