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Spooky Season Storytime: Ghost Of Mine - Part 1

Updated: Oct 27

2013 | Autumn | Witcher's Hour | Clayton Center For The Arts (Building B) | Graphic Design Lab

It was late...

Just about High-Moon.

Some coochie been calling all night,

but work is work.

I needed to finish this design project while I was still in the iMac lab. Life be callin too much. If I leave, then I won’t be back in time to finish.

Damn… I could gon head and slide out real quick and just come back to finish up…

… Nahhhh, I gotta get to a good stopping point.

*Puts phone down*

I didn’t know what that point was; I knew I would get there at some time of night.

That time was right.

After 3am, I decided to email some files to myself and call it a night.

It’s a straight road back to the dorm

I didn’t anticipate any static…

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