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Planning Stage

Updated: May 17, 2023

I believe the planning stage of any idea is the most important stage. It creates the entire world our ideas exist in, but it also helps create the confidence needed to execute, until we push through our goals of actual, financial, agricultural/environmental, psychological, and/or verbal liberation.

In this tech age, we can create our own worlds. However, before you can create your own world, you must have a solid plan. A plan for creation. A plan for sustainability. A plan for longevity. You may not be who you need to be in the beginning of the planning stage, but that can and will change. If you believe in your plan, and it is a solid plan, then there is nothing stopping you from your goal.

In this social age, we can create our own worlds. However, before you can create your own world, you must have a solid plan. From my perspective, it is incredibly important to have a space where you can be yourself, serving as the comic relief to your life’s story. With such great relief comes great responsibility. It is important to have a plan of how to conduct oneself when in the space. With the above mentioned, one must also be able to receive, accept, and give criticism in a healthy way to promote growth. This is a plan that cannot change. The consistency of this plan is what gives life to the culture the plan creates and sustains.

Planning for the future, we can create our own worlds. However, before you can create your own world, you need people to help you. How one treats another is imperative to the cohesion and cooperation in the team’s shared experiences. In the face of adversity, your teammates rely on your consistency through adversity to get them to the goal line. Consequently, in these trying times, it is of utmost importance to be consistent. That consistency will result in how your teammates will predict future performance.

A person I have personally looked up to as an inspiration for planning is Ryan Wilson. On the Behind The Mask Podcast, Ryan visits Takeo Spikes & Tutan Reyes to shed light on what inspires him through his journey with business partner TK Petersen in creating The Gathering Spot, a cultural meeting place where we can gather that is focused on us (black people). Ryan also explains the process of growing with a business that I believe to be integral in also growing yourself. Follow the podcast and listen to the episode with the following link to join the conversation:

From the link above, I learned a lot about not just the importance of banking black, but also buying black. Now that we have banks like Greenwood, I believe it is a bank all black people should be using, especially when supporting other black businesses. The face value of using a Greenwood card at another black owned business, demonstrates the buying power we talk about, while simultaneously, giving us a visual representation of our support of one another to build our confidence in supporting each other.


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