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Passion Over Fear Monologue

Life is never guaranteed

Some of the only things I can guarantee are my abilities to problem solve, critically think, and do so with a sense of urgency.

I feel like we all have these abilities, but something typically gets in the way…


It’s many forms create a sense of elusiveness, even I have not mastered yet.

It’s ability to be in multiple places at once inside of our consciousness can give us the feeling of being surrounded or cornered. It is in these moments that our survival mechanisms are activated; keeping us consciously stagnant.

In order to consciously evolve, we must put our desire to do so over our perceived inability to act due to fear, or our desire to pursue an illusionary freedom from fear; the only way to is through.

We must master the Passion Over Fear Cata. Just like each move has importance in a martial arts cata, each success story of an African-American is a blueprint to fighting the systemic injustices that plague us to this day.

They only way is through.

The Blueprint is you.

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