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Retro+Funk(Hip-Hop) Ogëē ~ Larry June

👨🏾‍🚀 G O O D J O B P O T E N T I A L 🛸

Health is Wealth

Investing in Real Estate is Wealth

Investing in Yourself is Wealth

Investing in Native Zim's Potential is Wealth

Real Recognize Real:

In this lifetime, I make an effort to listen to rappers that inspire growth and positivity. I occasionally indulge in more hardcore hip hop; however, a bassline of Larry June is the vibe with which to grow.

From this point, the next POTM will be the P.I.M.P. In Me Playlist for the month of April. This playlist is inspired by the concept of pimping yourself to put your passion for following your dreams & goals, over your fear of failure to reach them.


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