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My Beef With Love

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Love is the adoration of the unknown…

The romanticized idea of what could be…

An unrequited effort to actualize what is personally ideal…

It’s not even real…

Just a reason to feel…

Yet and still, a reason to kill; the symbol of a lost soul.

How can one be a futurist and yet adhere to the barbaric nature of justifying murder?

How can one progress with the weight of an extra soul passed through you?

How does one sleep in the same bed as their future victim?

How does one see a toxic pattern and fall right in line with it?

Change isn’t simply necessary.

Change is the only solution to guarantee equitable human experience.

We have seen the past not work already.

How can we say we love without adjusting our reality of what love is; given new information?

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