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My Beef With 12

We are a Young People

We are Prisoner’s Of War

We are an enslaved free people

There is already a system that oppresses us on paper. (deeds from FHA 1934)

Do police really have to murder unarmed civilians, just because they aren't familiar with people of the victim’s skin color?

At what point is this government overreach?

Is a loss of life weighed different, due to pigment?

How much does pigment weigh?

I wager the average American doesn’t have the technology to weigh someone’s pigment.

So why is pigment weighed in judgement?

Why are "CourtRoom Ubers" murdering African Americans before their day in court?

Why are Caucasians able to shoot at police but make it to their day in court?

Wildly murdering Prisoner’s Of War is a violation of International Law.

Police Officers are putting our country on the brink of sanctions from the United Nations.

Government Intervention in Police Brutality/Misconduct is imperative to avoid sanctions from the United Nations.


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