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Missed The Mark

Commenced in 2015, I have been working on an exhibition that will help evolve human consciousness.

I didn’t believe the world was ready to change in 2015. Growing plants from seed to harvest, I understood the importance of patience in regards to change.

Too quick:malnurished growth.

Too long:wilt of neglect.

The 2020 Pandemic forced us all to have a sit down with ourselves. Results varied, but I believe we are stronger than we have ever been as we March into 2024.

With the above mentioned, I regret to inform you that we missed the funding deficiency mark for the Art “Hostage” Deal.

Exhibiting grace, I choose to unveil my Passion Over Fear Exhibition to the world; even though, we did not meet the funding goal.

Nevertheless, I will put the team of humanity on my back (once again) and continue the Passion Over Fear Fine Art Collection, as the work on humanity is not done.

The Passion Over Fear Fine Art Collection: Interview, Photoshoot, Graphic Design, Oil Painting, and NFT.

As the POF exhibition grows and progresses, we will see the blueprint to growth and progression for everyone.

A Top Tier Marker of the Consciousness of Our Time.

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