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King Ogëē ~ Robert F Smith

Updated: Jun 11

There are many Ogëē’s in the African-American Culture. My Ogëē may be different than yours, however, all Ogëē’s serve a critical role in gatekeeping and guarding the sacred energy of the African-American Culture.

As sacred as our culture is, nothing moves without money.

Whether behind the scenes or in front, Ogëē’s energy sheds light on the potential in stars before the light reaches earth. An attempt to magnify the intensity of the rays to ensure an optimal light display in the skies. An attempt to inspire us all. An inspiration that brings peace.

To conclude an inspirational marketing campaign, the following video sheds light on someone I see as my Ogëē; because we both are about the money but also about inspiring positive, creative, innovative, and sustainable change in our community!

With the above mentioned, I nominate Robert F Smith to be the King Ogëē to Native Zim to assist in guiding the Native Zim Media Company in establishing an African-American Fine Art Culture. Below, you will catch a glimpse of the reason why.

After hearing some inspiring words from Mr. Smith in the video above, I believe him to be as integral to this African-American Art Renaissance as the Medici Family was to the European Art Renaissance; the financial back-bone that allows the creative energies to freely flow into a space and time globally perceivable.

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