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In Honor of P4: The Return of Real R&B

One thing I appreciate most about PARTYNEXTDOOR's music: it always induces reflection. A crucial aspect to conscious growth; reflection through the primal instincts of sexual desires seems to expedite the travel through space and time, creating an existential dimension of euphoric existence.

Though in some spaces the abovementioned experiences seem taboo; some experts argue a healthy sex drive is the key to stress relief (stress being a gargantuan factor in many health problems). Thus, the aforementioned existential dimension is an aid in improving health while simultaneously living a healthy lifestyle.

Just as one has a Playlist to workout to in the gym, one must also have a Playlist to workout to in the bedroom; wherever you are comfortable exercising your right to a euphoric existence. Personally, PND's music has been the metaphoric baseline of the wavelengths in my aforementioned existential dimension. From my studies, his music seems to increase the spiritual vibrations of the space; inducing a conscious state of being, which promotes being present in the euphoric moment.

Whether your sexual instincts are more primal or more romantic; albums like PARTYMOBILE, PARTYNEXTDOOR, PARTYNEXTDOOR 2, P3 P4, or others will spiritually take you where you need to go.

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