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Chill Content Is The Wave

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

As seen in the video above and on planet 85 South, a masterclass on chillaxed improv podcast-style comedy is perpetually in session.

My favorite aspect of the show is the flow of energy between the stars. Effortless and Elevating, the immaculate vibrations of the 85 South Show always lifts my spirits when I am feeling down.

A joint & a 4 fo 4 (That shit like $6 now 😒)... thats all I need to set the vibe, when I call on the tribe.

If you don't know and won't know, then that's on you fo sho sho. Y'all better tap in with these I C O N S; that's something you should know.

Aside: Ima give Amanda Seales her own post, so don't throw no shade.


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