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Before Times: Wee Church Boy (Snippet)

I was but a wee church boy; also an aware church boy.

I sang in the youth choir. I went to every Wednesday Night Bible Study. Sunday was dedicated to the church. My mother later becomes an ordained minister.

It was my culture. It was my reality. Outside of my family, it was all I knew. Like a heaven of its own, I was enthralled by the angelic vibrations of the church choir. The condemnation of the pastor guided me, the beat of the drums energized me, the chords of the piano romanticized my perspective; all in a synergetic effort to gain an understanding of my spirituality.

I don’t remember not believing in a God. Even with the memory of the moment I gained consciousness in the middle of a U-Haul (moving from NYC-ATL in 1996), I still don’t remember a time I didn’t believe in a higher power…

Then I learned how to read books outside of the Bible…

The more trips I took to the public library:The less the Bible made sense to me.

Causing a rift in my consciousness, it began to feel toxic; holding onto concepts I no longer held as absolute truth.

Into the darkness I walked…

The chill of the darkness of the unknown became my blanket.

Reflections and refractions of light became my vision.

Echoes of silence turned to Echo-location.

I became all I needed.

Then I found out what was needed to reach my endgame.

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