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An African-American Billionaire Spitting Real Game

When I say "Real" in the headline, I mean real estate.

This video changed the way I plan to approach real estate:

Now from a personal perspective:

Don Peebles has been an elite businessman for decades. I highly suggest purchasing his book, The Peebles Principles, as a starters manual to understanding his approach to creating generational wealth. I had an audible credit that I used to get the version that best fit my learning style. Fortunately, I was able to receive the knowledge for free! I understand that it is not the cheapest physical book to buy. If you have an audible credit, then I suggest you invest that credit in this book!

It's not a new book, and that's ok. There is so much to learn from every season of someone's journey. This is a season I plan to learn business elevating information from Don Peebles. I hope that everyone else is able to find that inspiration and more!

I use Audible, not only because it fits my learning style, but because I have a cool little Grogu to listen to it from! Gotta make learning cool 😎

but i digress...

This whole Don Peebles post was inspired by a recent episode of Earn Your Leisure. Featuring the real estate billionaire, the linked episode of the show drops gem after gem after gem after gem. I learned so much from that conversation; it inspired me to use my (1) audible credit on one of his book. I plan to buy the physical book, but I do like the idea of getting such incredible game for free 😎


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