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60 Days

A lot can happen in 60 Days…

The plan was created on the pre-front-end 60 Days.

Not the back end.

There are 270+ days in 9 months.

I believe, if it is long enough for human birth, then it is long enough for the birth of a new entity.

A kn’ew identity…

Consistently persistent through adversity.

Progressive movement traversing unknown terrain.

Reworking synapse wiring in my brain.

Creating The Creative Mainframe

Social Media was always just the beginning

I used to dream of being the more righteous Wizard Kelly from The Proud Family

Using my story to create opportunities for the youth

The invasion isn’t predatory

It’s led by truth

Lot’s of talk of planning

But no plan has surfaced

I would be a fool to shed light on a plan that hasn’t been purchased

I understand the need for more actionable verbs

In moments like these we all need a word

Let us turn to the Book of Proverbs

Any Scripture would do

Unlock the wisdom inside of you.

Until Next Time, I bid you a Badu (Safe Passage).

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